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I love creating these posters which takes my original artwork, and blends my vision and creativity into each design.

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Travel Poster Art, Matterhorn Switzerland

Travel Poster Art, Matterhorn Switzerland

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Travel Art Poster Matterhorn, Swiss,

I've long held a deep fascination and inspiration drawn from the travel posters of yesteryears. When I initially created this painting, I knew that someday, I would want to use its image in a manner reminiscent of those classic travel posters. The original artwork dates back to 2015, a part of a series I painted after visiting the Alpine village of Zermatt. It holds a special place in my heart because it was one of my first solo journeys in the Alps. Being enveloped by the towering mountain walls was a truly comforting and cozy experience, etching fond memories in my travels.

Various sizes available

Digitally recreated from my original painting

The original painting is SOLD

Paper; Color Digital Satiniert, 200g 

Printed locally in  Zug, Switzerland


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