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I love creating these posters which takes my original artwork, and blends my vision and creativity into each design.

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Travel Poster Art, Zug City Life in Switzerland

Travel Poster Art, Zug City Life in Switzerland

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Travel Art Poster Zug, Swiss,

My creative journey, from a basic concept to its full realisation, began with a quick sketch for a lino print and ended as a captivating poster.

The artwork features Zug in a lakeside scene with Rigi proudly towering behind and several boats bobbing around on the calm summer waters. 

As I transitioned to painting, the scene gained depth and warmth through expressive brushstrokes and vibrant colors. The stark contrast of the initial sketch evolved into a warm and friendly painting, infusing the scene with a sense of joy.

In its final form as a poster, it captures the heartwarming essence of the painting. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in this playful and charming world, celebrating the evolution of my creative process from a simple sketch to a work radiating warmth and fun.

Various sizes available

Digitally recreated from my original painting

The original painting is SOLD

Paper; Color Digital Satiniert, 200g 

Printed locally in  Zug, Switzerland

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