Welcome to our online design studio, where each creation is a reflection of our own inspiration and imagination. Every product embarks on a journey from a mere seed of an idea, blossoming into its final form.

Founder: Joanne Finnegan


"From the earliest days of my existence, I've been a creator, designer, and artisan, investing my heart into crafting distinctive pieces that speak to the very soul. With a rich fusion of scholastic and professional design experience, I've honed my skills to present you with creations that resonate and will hopefully endure the test of time".

My mission is to infuse the world with vivid hues and boundless affection. In an era where negativity sometimes casts a long shadow, our designs emerge as beacons of warmth and tenderness. Through every brushstroke and concept, my artwork aspires to illuminate your surroundings with positivity and a profound sense of connection. Welcome to our wonderfully peculiar realm, where colour and love entwine to illuminate each of your moments.

I choose to work with printers in my locality of Kanton Zug. My central focus remains on pioneering novel products and collaborating with skilled artists to introduce fresh concepts to the market.

Interested in working and supporting my small team, please drop me a line and say hello.